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Covering Data Consulting founder and lead consultant Eric Strom has been working with SQL Server his entire professional career. Eric has over 15 years of Database Administration, development and architecture, in a variety of capacities. He founded Covering Data Consulting in 2012 as a way to focus on the parts of SQL Server he loves and to help businesses.

Eric is one of a few people in the Twin Cities to earn the prestigious Microsoft Certified Master certification for SQL Server. He has also presented at the local MN PASS professional organization as well as serve on the board in 2009 and 2010. When not working on SQL Server, Eric is having fun with his kids or playing games with friends.

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Performance Tuning

When your employees can’t work because of a poor performing application, your business can lose thousands of dollars in productivity. Worse yet, you can lose customers on a client application. Since a large portion of application performance issues trace back to the database, you need a professional who can quickly[…]

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Database Design

Your data is some of your most important assets, yet some businesses are hand-cuffed by poorly performing databases. Application development is difficult and many developers are tempted to have tools auto-create the databases. Don’t compromise your future data needs by skimping on your database design. We can work with your[…]

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SQL Server Health Checks

You know your database server has problems, but you don’t know where to start.  The sys-admins blame the code and the developers blame the hardware.  We can come in and identify your issues and work with your staff to get the database working again.  Plus, we will provide detailed information[…]

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Database Solution Architecture

You’ve done the indexing and performance tuning.  You’ve run out of options, but you still need more out of your database.  We can help you maximize the use of your existing database instance to save money and get you back on track. Contact now »

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